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20 June 2011


This is inspired by a comment on a post I did recently.
One little word and I've got another picture collection...
Clockwise from top left: St Peter upon Cornhill; Battersea Village; St James, Clerkenwell, shadow of St Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside; St Mary's, Upper St (one of my favourite spires); St Barnabas, Pimlico; St Giles in the Fields (now surrounded by plastic rather than fields, and what's with the different coloured clocks – does anyone know?), and St George's, Bloomsbury.


  1. You should also try visiting some museums in Jerusalem. By the way, nice photos.

  2. and the relevance of that comment is....?

  3. I was just suggesting. You can get beautiful photos of the museums there just like the photos you posted above.

  4. Oh... yes, sorry, i just thought you'd missed some words out or something ;-)
    I'd love to visit Jerusalem... my list of places I want to go to is so long though!


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