30 June 2011

Well well well...

Many places in London have the name well in their name. Most are so named because there was indeed a well there in times past. Some have changed their name or been lost completely, as in the case of New Tunbridge Wells, which became Islington Spa and was buried underneath Lubetkin's Spa Green Estate.
But The Clerk's Well can still be seen in Farringdon Lane to the south of Clerkenwell Green which, despite its name, isn't green and has no grass. Clerkenwell is rich in history so click here for more.
Top: Amwell St, Benwell Road, Camberwell, Chiswell St.
Middle: Clerkenwell, Cromwell Rd, Goswell Rd, Muswell Hill.
Bottom: Newell St, Stockwell, Wellclose Sq, Well Court.

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