15 October 2019

Cally Clocktower and Park – guided tours

I have really enjoyed leading tours up to the top of this marvellous clocktower.
Having spent time talking to people using the park or living in the flats around the outside it's clear that possibly 95% of them have no idea that the tower is open, let alone that tours are available. Perhaps it's got something to do with the lack of info on the boards around the park?

Caledonian Clocktower and Park, September 2019
This board on the north side tells us that the tower is being renovated, will open soon and to watch this board for updates.
Er? Also see the big empty space where updates could be easily inserted. It ain't rocket science.
Find out more about the tours here.

7 October 2019

Rembrandt's Light at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Oooh this is lovely.

Dulwich Picture Gallery have again come up with a corker of an exhibition.
Last week I went on a curators' tour of Rembrandt's Light and...
Actually, no... I am not going to say or show much here but instead keep it short and say that Rembrandt's work is so beautifully and cleverly presented at this show that you've just got to go and see it for yourself.
Each room has been cleverly designed by Peter Suschitzky , the award-winning film cinematographer, to best enhance the artworks on show. I particularly like the first and last rooms.
And it's another first for Dulwich Picture Gallery, the first purpose-designed building to showcase art and now, at this show, they are implementing specific LED lighting techniques.
Also note that, as drive to get younger adults into the gallery, £5 tickets are available for 18-30 yr olds! The sign-up for this reduced price pops up within the booking fields.
What's not to like?!
There are more/other Rembrandt paintings hanging on the walls in other gallery rooms, so do go and hunt for them.

4 October 2019

Bike Lane markings

Just a couple of pics of freshly painted bicycle lane makings.
I alway like the little ones sprayed onto the kerbside showing where the road markings should be placed.
I spotted these in Mitre Street, EC3, last month.