26 November 2008

Overheard on a 254 bus to Aldgate

There I was sitting on the bus admiring the view when I overheard the fella behind me say to his girlfriend(?) "Ooh look Ghost Pubs... that's the Nag's Head". How amazing! They were reading my article in Time Out and commenting on it less than a yard away from me. I couldn't contain my excitement and said "Excuse me, I wrote that; that's me!". And then we chatted about the general subject all the way along Mare Street to when they got off at Bethnal Green tube. Really nice people. I hope they get in touch.

24 November 2008

Street Art

I thought I'd better include on here a collection of some of my favourite pieces of street art. It's especially important as the image here top left is my most viewed photo on Flickr. I did speak to the artist who creates these wonderful stick people in Dalston Lane just after he'd finished creating this family group. He saw me taking the photo and came over to ask if I liked it. Well, yes! I have been kicking myself ever since that I didn't ask his name. The piece has been 95% obliterated now. I haven't discovered who does most of the others except the ones by Anthony Lister who kindly signs his macarbre cartoon faces. And as for the four on the bottom row, I am sure everyone has spotted one of these vividly-coloured Bortusk Leer designs somewhere in London as there are loads of them around. Just keep 'em peeled...

21 November 2008

Time Out 20th November 2008

So here it is... a scan of page 12 of this week's Time Out.
I must admit it brought a huge smile to my face.
Hope they contact me to do more.

9 November 2008


I have just realised that in amongst my photos of London's interesting metal things there are quite a few that are to do with fire, such as badges, bells and hydrant markers.
See these on Flickr

4 November 2008

Doors and windows

This collection of fixing and furniture for doors and windows is starting to look really lovely as a group of thumbnails. Hand-shape door knockers and lion door knobs. I particularly like the little window shutter devices, most of which I found around the Spitalfields area. Shown below are some that depict little people and another one that, to me, looks like a parrot!