24 June 2011

Cruising the Canals

No that's not part of a Carry On or a porn film!
Though you all know I do like to be puerile every now and then!
Continuous cruising means a boat owner can avoid paying for moorings as long as he doesn't stay in one place for more than 14 days. But I just read that British Waterways, who manage 80% of the UK canal system, are reviewing this practice, and along the River Lea the period may be reduced to just 7 days. Ooh dear, those cruisers won't be happy with that! There is definitely a "them and us" thing between the cruisers and those with fixed moorings; the former thinking the latter aren't doing it properly.
A friend recently pointed out to me that a lot of people who live on boats think they are so damn special. He's right; they do! Many of them will tell you, within minutes of meeting you, that they live on a boat, as if it's some kind of badge. You don't get someone at a party introducing themselves by smiling smugly and saying, "Hello I'm Fred, I live in a bungalow/house/converted shop" do you?
A case in point: I gave my business card and an A6 postcard to someone, and he gave the postcard back to me saying he lived on a boat. Eh? I am assuming it must be a really teeny tiny boat.
And what's with all the waving? When I go out of my front garden gate I don't wave at other people in the street, even though they must thinking "ooh look, she lives in a house; wave George, wave!"
Where was I?
Ah yes canals... I love walking along the canals in London. It's so peaceful. It's like another (under)world. Lovely.

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