28 October 2020

Nothing really mattress

There are a lot of discarded mattressses on the streets this year. I've also noticed many ads for mattress companies selling products made with their own version of layered foam*. I suggest people are buying new mattresses and then just chucking the old one outside, hoping the local council will just clear up their m[attr]ess.  

All of these have something to do with beds, even if I simply found them on a street with 'Bed' included in the name. Damn – I just realised I forgot to include a pic of bedding plants at Regents Park. Oh well.

*Can someone please explain the bizarre term 'memory foam' especially in regards to mattresses – what is it memorising exactly, and how can you change your position if it memorises the first shape you made (ha ha)? Surely these are no good for hotels! And, within shoes, surely no memorising is needed at all – moulds to your foot shape and that's it, job done. In a world of anti-plastic and recycling, is this stuff even ethical?