20 October 2010

More fun with dates and numbers

Ten days on from all the tens and this eve will have 20:10 20th October 2010.
I know I haven't got three 20s... so, sorry, but I can't do a montage this time.
Check out my collection of dates and numbers here.

17 October 2010

That man in Notting Hill

I am really pleased that after a fair bit of cajoling from me that Malcolm took my advice, set up his blog, and has been posting quite frequently.
Being perhaps his biggest fan (that's just to embarrass him!) I reasoned that other people should also get to read his friendly, and often amusing, streams of consciousness about his observations on stuff that goes on in and around London.
My only criticism is that I think he ought to include more of his lovely pictures into the posts... after all he has thousands to choose from.
Malcolm lives in Notting Hill. I was over that way last month and, when in Moscow Road looking south, I took a photo of a mythological beast on a rooftop in the distance. So far, Malcolm has tried in vain to identify where it might be. It's the image top left... has anyone else got any ideas what building it's on?

Most of these pics are taken in and around W2 and W11. Those that aren't have tenuous links to Malcolm; he is a goat and a rabbit (I am a tiger and a lion) and he liked Joanna Vasconcelos's Big Booby at the wonderful space The Haunch of Venison Gallery are occupying at the moment at the back of the Royal Academy in Burlington Gardens. Her show was really good.

13 October 2010

Try before you buy

This is a blatant promotion, because I think it's a good idea...
I have found this great London site called Tasterlab where you can get vouchers to test things out before you splash out on a subscription. Or not. They have dance and language classes, courses, coaching, dating and more. Check it out here.
Clockwise from top left:
Testing Southwark Street, SE1 / Dating Tottenham, N16 / Dancing Victoria Palace Theatre / Films Parkway, Camden / Chinese Romilly Street, Soho / Boxing Regents Canal, N1 / Painting Reeves, Dalston E8 / Sport Westbourne Grove

10 October 2010

10:10:10 10th October 2010

I missed out on 05:06:07 on 8th September, probably because I was asleep, but I'll be awake for this one.

Clockwise from top left: Temple, NW10, Holloway, Smithfield, St Katherine Docks, Finsbury Park

8 October 2010

London River

It's a strange title but this is a film about two people who paths cross when they are both hunting for their missing (adult) children in London after the bombings on 7th July 2005.
I am writing about this now because I forgot to do this earlier in the year when it would have been more relevant, and I just noticed that the film is out on DVD on Monday 11th October.
What I like about this French-made film, apart from the very good performances and slow pacing, is that it isn't littered with silly images of iconic London buildings, but instead centres on the Finsbury Park area, specifically Blackstock Road where the missing people were living.
The pics in the top row show places that pop up in the film, the second row are missing things, and the bottom row is the bottom row.

Top Row: Twelve Pins pub, N4 / The Old Dairy, N8 / Blackstock Road, N4 (x2)
Middle row: Doulton factory, Black Prince Road, SE11 / Star Street, W2 / Upper Street, N1 / Lincoln's Inn, WC2
Bottom row: Russell Square station / London Bridge / Kings Cross / Gt Newport Street, WC2

2 October 2010

Faces in places

I am always seeing faces in things.
In fact my avatar on Flickr is even a found face.
There quite a few 'face' groups on Flickr, and blog sites too. One of them is Faces in Places, by Jody Smith and he has brought out a book of some of the best ones. My copy arrived this week – I've got three pics in it, none of which are shown below. I am amazed he didn't ask for my all-time favourite of the Greggs scary muffin man!
It just occurred to me that none of my chosen book pics are taken on the streets of London, as per the ones below. Find all of these and more here.