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17 July 2009

Whoah! More body parts for you!

I keep thinking of more, and better, body parts in pub names. So here's another 15. Whereas all the pics in the last post on this subject were my own, I have to admit that only three of these ones are mine. The others I have pilfered from Flickr; 10 are Ewan-M’s, and there is one from Kake Pugh and another from Last Rounds. Thanks guys.
From the top left: nail, hip, shin, arse, brow, hair, back, lobe, dick, mouth, nob, bone, colon, chest, eye.

14 July 2009

Whoah, body parts, body parts for you!

This week's Time Out fell through my letterbox today. I was upset to find the article I gave them eight weeks ago about Red Lion pubs is still not in there. Hmmmm...
But the Big Smoke section does contain 'Top Ten London... pubs with body parts in the name' written by Euan Ferguson. It's a list with just one photo of their no.5 (see small text at the bottom). And some of them are bars, not even pubs!
Well, as you would expect, anything they can do I can do better, so here are twelve of my own. Some are, I will admit, a bit silly. Only one has the same name as one on their list but it's from a different pub in a different postcode. I have put in two different kinds of arms just for symmetry, and neither is attached to a King, a Queen or a Carpenter. Plus I have also managed to avoid the obvious King's/Nag's Head because that would be too easy. Aren't I clever?! Me me me!
Old Parr's Head, N1; Bald Faced Stag, N2; Shakespeare's Head, W1; The Unicorn, N1; The Holly Bush, NW3; The Old Farm House, NW1; The Army and Navy, N16; The Crown Tavern, W1; The Cock, W1; Southampton Arms, NW1; Hand & Racquet, WC2; The Twelve Pins, N4.
Time Out's Top Ten: 1 King's Arms W1; 2 Pig's Ear, SW3; 3 Elbow Room, N1; 4 Bull and Mouth, WC1; 5 Hand in Hand, SW19; 6 Bleeding Heart, EC1; 7 Cat's Back, SW18; 8 Bishop's Finger, EC1; 9 93 Feet East, E1; 10 The Cock, EC1.

8 July 2009

Degree Show at City & Guilds of London Art School

I really should have put this on here weeks ago as the show finished on 21st June, but I just didn't have the time. I did try to tell friends that this year's degree show was jam-packed with good stuff and I hope some of you made it down there. A big thanks to my sister, who is just finishing her second year in stone and wood carving there (she's bloody good, by the way, so make a date for next year when it'll be her turn!) for telling me that the show was on and introducing me to so many of her lovely fellow students.
I bought a couple of things and one of them is hanging on my wall right now (top left by the wonderfully talented Stephanie Batiste). The other two I bought are by Alex Virji but I won't be getting them til August as he has a show on from tomorrow in Stoke Newington so, if you are in the area, why not go have a look.
I would have bought more if I had the money and walls that were big enough (Hatty). And I really enjoyed some of the installations, which don't normally interest or move me at all. So well done and good luck to everyone...
Here's a link to help identify some of the others artists shown below.
Oh, and two of the images shown below aren't art at all, just me taking arty pics. Can you spot them?

3 July 2009

I'm in Smoke!

The latest issue of the wonderful Smoke magazine came out this week, albeit two months late.
If you haven't yet picked up a copy, then you really should get with the programme, if only to read Matt Haynes's lunatic musings. Anyway, this issue has four, yes four things, contributed by moi. As well as a whole page of coal hole covers, the three photos shown here have also been found fit for inclusion; a monkey in Holloway, a Kensington lion rampant, and Normas Snorks who I am reliably informed is AKA a docker's mistress.

2 July 2009

Smoke gets in your eyes

I have today (July 2nd) posted another Urban Sightseeing piece for Londonist. The indoors smoking ban has been part of our lives for a whole two years now. How time flies. And most of Europe has followed suit. I have just come back from a holiday in Turkey and I hear it's due to come into force there too later this month.
Click here to read the Londonist piece and access all my previous ones too.
Update (19 July 2010): re the Finsbury Park 'Segars' sign in, top right: this has been filled in and painted over... such a shame.