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5 June 2011

The Fabulous Mr Bridges

Ooh... I should have noticed this earlier... The British Film Institute is putting on a retrospective of one of my favourite film actors.
Not only is the man gorgeous and talented (yes please!), he has been in some brilliant movies... he acted Clint off the screen in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, was superbly understated in The Fabulous Baker Boys, survived in the wonderful Fearless, managed to make pony tails acceptable in The Fisher King and turned dressing gowns into daywear in The Big Lebowski.
I've only just discovered Jeff's website... it's fab... full of music and photos and clips... he just gets more appealing by the minute!
I could have easily put together a collection of bridges but I decided to have more fun with this one... see if you can get identify these 12 films he's been in...
Top: Edgware Rd, Billingsgate, Essex Rd, Millwall Docks.
Middle: Stroud Green, Leytonstone, Crouch End, Walthamstow Village.
Bottom: Kew Gardens, Camden, Westminster, Hackney.


  1. Bring it on Jane the love the quiz........ big up to the lebowski x how many did I get?

    1. Heavens Gate
    2. Fisher King
    3. Iron Man
    4. Jagged Edge
    5. Fabulous Baker Boys
    6. Last Picture Show
    7. Star Man
    8. Masked & Anonymous
    9. The Vanishing
    10. Door in the Floor
    11. Hearts of the West
    12. Lady Madonna XXX

  2. Mistake 12 is....Ice man cometh !!

  3. oooh well done Andy and Ted...
    9 out of 12, and I particularly like your thinking on the 'wrong' ones. I am not going to say which ones they are, except that they are all next to each other.
    ... but note that one image shows a singular item rather than many. The other two are harder... one I knew would be a toughie, but keep thinking... the clues are there... x

  4. I'm with Andy on all except nos 9 10, and11.
    9 Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
    10 Arlington Road
    11 Crazy Heart

  5. I should have confirmed the above earlier:

    Micky was right about Andy's mis-guesses.

    Well done both of you xx

  6. I found your blog on Gadling and I love it!! I love all things London! I've only been there 6 times ( I live in San Diego, CA) but it's my favorite city. Keep up the good work!

  7. Thanks Violet... glad to be of service... sometimes I wonder if anyone is actually reading all this so it's lovely to get such positive feedback


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