15 June 2009

Zodiac signs

Here's my alternative take on the 12 zodiac signs:
Aries: Upper Street, N1; Taurus: Butcher's sign, Jonathan Street, SE11; Gemini: Pair of identical boot scrapers, Whitehall, SW1; Cancer: Face of a Hammersmith & Fulham cigarette butt receptacle; Leo: The Drill Hall, Chenies Street, WC1; Virgo: Art Deco relief, John Street, WC1; Libra: Thames House, Millbank, SW1; Scorpio: Scorpion Shoes, Camden High Street, NW1; Sagittarius: Connolly's, Chiswick High Road, W4; Capricorn: The Goat, Knightsbridge, SW1; Aquarius: Fountain at The Long Water, W2; Pisces: 452 Holloway Road, N7.

12 June 2009

Pub pairs

Most pairings in pub names are fairly easy to understand like 'Dog and Duck', 'Rose and Crown', 'Bull and Gate', Adam and Eve', but there are also some strange ones, some of which are shown below, such as 'George and Vulture', 'Red Lion and Pineapple', 'Fox and Anchor' and 'Hat and Tun', though considering its location, the last one might be a pun on 'Hatton'. And the jury is still out on the derivation of 'Elephant and Castle'. It's a Book About has some great info on that particular name and lots more beside. Any further feedback or info welcomed.
And lots more London pub pics here.

10 June 2009

This isn't what the Govenment

I have just loaded up my latest Londonist post and the images I have chosen to use, as shown here, are all linked in some loose way to the mess that the government is in at the moment.
By the way, the heading here is the title of a track from the album 'Baby I'm a Want You' by Bread. Mum used to have the LP. I loved it. It's also got 'Everything I Own' on it, which Ken Booth covered and took to No.1 in the 70s. But got some words wrong thus destroying the whole meaning of a fundamental and beautiful line. Then Boy George went and copied Ken's version rather than go back to the original lyrics... How we despaired! (And I still do.)
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