16 December 2019

Plumbs the butcher, Hornsey Road, reveal of older sign

The W. Plumb shopfront earlier this year. 
Last week, whilst heading up to Crouch End on a 91 bus, I noticed an old wooden sign had been revealed at 493 Hornsey Rd. This used to be W. Plumb butchers and the shop inside is a tiled gem, see here.
I went back later to investigate...

Note the 1950s yellow tiles have been replaced
A. Hancock,  No.11 [presumably] Hornsey Rise

As I was taking snaps of the shopfront a fella came along with a cute young Bedlington Terrier and, well, blow me down, he stuck a key in the front door and it turns out he lives there with his partner. I didn't chat for long but it seems this old hand-painted sign will now stay visible.
I am note sure when A. Hancock was at the site as I don't have a County Suburbs Directory for that era as pre-1930s (approx), this was then part of 'outer' London. I can't therefore ascertain if the tilework inside and the coloured glass in the windows are concurrent with Mr Hancock's era, or what years he was there.
My 1939 directory tells me Thomas Knowlden, butcher, was there in 1939. I am not sure when Mr Plumb took over the business, though, as above, the yellow tiles and shop sign hint at the 1950s and they were still selling meat products under that name in 1990 when I used to shop there.
I think I need to go back and knock on the door for another chat. I will, hopefully, have an update soon.

11 December 2019

Hanging on in there in York Way

Just north of the railway line at 186 York Way, over the road from what used to be Maiden Lane railway station, just one old Victorian building remains squished in amongst the new builds.
How very strange.
And it's sort of ironic that it's home to an estate agent.

This district has seen big changes and lots of redevelopment in the past few decades. It used to be a very smelly area known as Belle Isle – a rather misleading name considering the stinky, noxious, businesses that were – most of the companies here were linked in some way to the nearby Caledonian meat market.
My old directories show me that for at least the period 1895–1915 this particular building was occupied by Harris, Barber & Son, horse slaughters. And to the rear there was 'Pleasant Grove'. There's still Vale Royal just down the hill. Maiden Lane, the earlier name of York Way/Rd, was actually a ref to 'midden' meaning a rubbish heap.