16 August 2013

Pub colours

I pinched this idea from the very talented Mr Paul Bommer.
He calls them, "Coloured Inns".
Wish I'd thought of that.
This is the first of two collections on this theme.
Here are the animals.
The idea here was to come up with 12 different animals in 12 different colours. But I just can't make it work when restricting myself to London. 
There are lions in various hues all over London; red ones aplenty, plus blue, white, black and golden. And a lot of them are very comically rendered. 
And are lots of interesting black and white animals and birds out there, such as horses, harts, bulls, bears and unicorns. But I am struggling to find beige, yellow, pink, orange and even green animals, however, I have managed a cheeky purple!
Yeah, I know gold isn't really a colour; the purists say black and white aren't either, but without those "colours" I'd be stuck with a collection of Red Lions and I've done that before.

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