31 August 2013

Jack the Ripper – 125 years unsolved

Today 31st August 2013 marks the 125th anniversary of the first of Jack the Ripper's murders in 1888.
A series of eight real-time documentaries about these unsolved crimes entitled Unmasking Jack the Ripper has been produced in conjunction with London Discovery Tours, and each one will go live on the anniversary of the day it happened.
These free to view online 'tours' include evidence, authentic police accounts, original photos and lots of historical info. Find them here.
Already online is an introduction with expert on the subject, Richard Jones, and today you can view information about the [first] murder of Mary Nichols.
There are six more documentaries to follow, spread out between now and November 20th when the main suspects will be assessed.
More info here.
Info about Jack The Ripper walking tours can also be found on the above links.
My montage of pics today shows a few specific Jack the Ripper places from the Whitechapel area, plus some Victorian street furniture and 1888 date markings from various other London locations.

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  1. This is very informative post, hundreds of books and article about jack the ripper and the most likely suspect Kosminski, Chapman and Druitt.


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