3 September 2013

The Mayor's Thames Festival – bigger, longer, and hopefully better than ever!!

It doesn't seem a year since last year's Thames Festival...
In past years this has been a jam-packed weekend, but this year the event is being stretched out over 10 days, from 6th until 15th September, which means it will be less of a crush and a rush to see all the good things that are on offer.
See here for information and a full programme of events.
I will be checking out some of the weekday events at a leisurely pace and at the weekends I will be selling my Thames-related wares alongside the other designer-makers of We Make London at Bernie Spain's Gardens on 7th & 8th and at More London on 14th & 15th. I was going to say that I wish it was the other way around because last year the fireworks were set off right in front of my stall at BSgdns and, being as there weren't so many people around (the Paralympic closing ceremony was also happening that night), I had the most amazing view of the display, but I have just discovered that for the first time in more than a decade there will be no night carnival or fireworks this year... boo hoo :-(
Instead I will be enjoying the singing at the Scoop on the afternoon Sunday 15th when a 600-voice kids choir will be in full song. I love all that! ;-)
Lots to see and do – I hope to see you there!!!

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  1. I'm very much in favour of there being more emphasis on Thames and Thames related events, after all it is the Thames Festival but I am very disappointed that both the Night Carnival and the fireworks have been sacrificed due to budgetary restrictions.

    The Carnival was hugely popular. Like a concentrated version of the Notting Hill Carnival, it had something that NH has lost in recent years, it took place after dark and the self lit floats gave it a completely different atmosphere.

    As for the fireworks, I think they have made a serious mistake by dropping these. Yes, they are massively expensive if you are going to do them properly, but they have become the traditional end to any major event. The full stop at the end of the festival. Now the event will just fizzle away. Given that it is spread out over a substantial chunk of the South Bank how is anyone going to know when it's over and that it's time to go home?


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