24 January 2011

One Eyed Grey – a Penny Dreadful

Time for an embarrassing confession.
I've known Chris for a few years now. I have been on a couple of his walking tours. The man is a wonderfully engaging story teller and a mine of intriguingly bizarre London facts. So how come I have only just got hold of a copy of the superb One Eyed Grey?
OEG is billed as "a penny dreadful for the 21st century" and contains macabre and scary London-based stories penned by a collective of writers. Order your copy here.
The red headings on some pages of the website are pretty scary too!
Top row: Battersea, Great Eastern Street, Grays In Road, Vauxhall Street
Middle row: St John Street, Blackfriars pub, Skinner Street, Millwall Docks
Bottom row: Mount Pleasant, Eastcheap, Harlseden, Seymour Place

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