6 January 2011

The root of all evil

As this goes live I will be seeing my dentist. He'll be drilling and packing my dodgy molar. But once done, joy of joys, I will be able to eat with it again and swill cold water around it. And then I can look forward to getting a nice expensive crown made.
Crown (& Sceptre, now a restaurant) Gt Titchfield St; enamel off Essex Rd; Sweetoof Brick Lane; Drill Hall, Chenies St; gum Crouch End; Regents Canal; teeth Fleet St; filling Earls Court.


  1. What a way to start the year! I hope the remaining 51 weeks will be far more enjoyable. Having said that, I'm supposed to go and say hello to my dentist next week. God knows what he's going to find.
    Your opst about Alfie's reminded me of the Christmas party my girlfriend went to some years ago. The restaurant near London Bridge promised "a Christmas dinner with a twist". In plain English: bangers and mash (the twist was the turkey and not pork sausages). Horrible! Although it was all paid by her company, it was still an absolute waste of money.

  2. Poor you! When it's all better we'll meet up and I'll buy you an ice cream sundae at Marine Ices in Camden! x

  3. Thanks guys, and Gill, let's do that soonest!
    Be reassured that I barely felt a thing. My dentist is wonderful and doesn't want to see me for another 6 months and then we'll assess whether a crown is necessary.
    Chomp chomp chomp!

    Turkey sausages? no no no!


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