15 January 2011

Aerial photography in Not Going Out

Lee Mack's enjoyable sit-com Not Going Out is back on TV for it's 3rd series. I was chuckling away to it the other night, trying to ignore that he's depicted living in a HUGE central London warehouse conversion that would cost a bloody fortune, when I happened to notice that one of the aerial shots of London that are used to punctuate the scenes must be at least 2.5 years old.
It quite clearly shows Centrepoint with the fountains below it and, dare I mention this again, my favourite old gig venue, The Astoria, plus all the shops and other outlets on that stretch all of which have bulldozed to make way for this glass monstrostity masquerading as a tube entrance (see pic bottom left in that link... as I have said before, what a waste of space... There are horrible holes all through London in the name of Crossrail... a future post is in the making).
Oops, I am ranting again...!
So I paused the programme and took some snaps of the aerial shots just to see if the other shots had some architectural ghosts in them too. I would assume that these shots were accurate when the first series went out in 2006.
And then I recalled all the photos I took from my plane seat coming back into Heathrow last year:
See some of them larger here.

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