24 January 2011

Jerry Sadowitz is painful

And that's a bloody compliment!
I went to see his stand-up show last Friday night at the Leicester Square Theatre.
He was relentless... clever and ironic and offensive and intelligent and blasphemous and very funny indeed. I ached... I was exhausted from all the laughing and the concentration needed to keep up with him.
I think it was Billy Connolly who said that the only type of person who it's safe to offend these days is a white heterosexual man. I pretty sure Jerry doesn't agree with that!
Here are just some of the subjects he covers:
Top row: Cockspur Street, Haggerston, Holloway Road, South Tottenham
Middle row: Upper Street, Westminster, Rivington Street, Goswell Road
Bottom row: Crouch End, Holloway Road, Stamford Hill, West Smithfield

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