11 January 2011

A Flea in Her Ear

Last night I went to see A Flea in Her Ear at The Old Vic.
My evening didn't start very well as just before curtain up they announced that the wonderful Tom Hollander was not performing. I was so disappointed that I didn't properly hear the reason why. I hope he's not unwell even if did practically ruin the play for me before it had even started just by not being there. Actually, no, I hope he's incapacitated, I will accept no other excuse, especially as the posters for the play read, "So good they cast him twice". What a shame, I'll just have to keep watching him in this and this.
So, to the play. For the first 15 mins or so I thought it was me who had a flea in the ear, or some kind attention deficit, as the actors spoke so fast with such daft accents or speech impediments, and all over the beginnings and endings of each other's sentences, that it was almost impossible to accurately comprehend half of what they were saying.
When I discussed this in the interval with my three friends they were so relieved because they are French, Spanish and Malaysian which is all rather ironic seeing as the whole play is a French farce based on the mis-understandings of a bunch of Europeans. (Yes, I do know Malaysia isn't in Europe.)
But it turns out it's a fab play and I loved it. There were some great comedic performances in there, especially from Jonathan Cake and Greg Baldock who really did a wonderful job standing in for Tom Hollander, so let's hope for Greg's sake that Tom's ill for longer, ha ha!
Here are some insects and stuff:
Clockwise from top left:
Golden Jubilee Bridge, Kentish Town, Holland(er) House EC3, Rugby Street, Bank, my garden, Spanish Place, a Gregg's cake.


  1. May I just say that you are mean spirited to say that you hope that Tom is ill for longer? He was injured in the play. Karma. Yours. Think about it.

  2. ooh dear... more irony... now who's being mean?!
    I wasn't being nasty... I was just making the point that Greg was rather good in the role and perhaps he could have a few more nights at it.
    I am truly sorry to hear Tom has hurt himself... I think they used the word 'incapacitated' on the night, which we rather assumed meant he was just suffering with one of the many cold viruses that are going about. Of course I wish him well.

  3. I apologize Jane. Perhaps this caught me at a weak moment. Tom is a wonderful person and it just hurts to know that he is suffering. We are flying to London at the end of February specifically to see this. I am glad the play is going on successfully and that Greg is carrying the role so well. Deb x

  4. Tom Hollander is certainly back now. I saw this last night but, must admit, that I found it verging on the tiresome side. Tom Hollander is superb but overall, this production didn't thrill me much.


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