23 September 2013

Find green spaces with Parklife London

I have posting a lot recently about green things in London; living walls, paths and walks etc and I have just found a site that specifically helps Londonders find and get involved with all the lovely green spaces in the capital.
Parklife London covers all 12 inner London boroughs with interactive links on an easy to view map. The site includes events, community projects and voluntary opportunities.
Rather good eh?!
Above are some non-natural green things I have spotted in London. Find them and more here.


  1. Hello,

    I just discovered your blog today and I am a fan! I really loved it! And I started my own blog about

    London recently so it was an inspiration to read some of your posts!

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    Dear London...

  2. And i love all those facts... keep it coming... I will add you to my blog list


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