16 September 2013

No Junk Mail

Our front doors and gardens are a mess these days – our gardens are littered with ugly plastic bins and containers meant for household rubbish and recyclable items.
A lot of paper in the recycling bins consists of take-away menus which seem to stick to the bottom of the bins hanging on for dear life.  
Many of us have added stickers to our letterboxes stating "No Junk Mail". To illustrate my point, the photos below were all taken in the space of a 5 minute walk in Barnsbury, Islington.
What these homeowners are basically saying is, "that leaflet in your hand that you are being paid to deliver to my home... is it really a quality item that I need to see, or is it rubbish? Please decide for me. And make the right decision!".
I read a while ago that a London man kept all of his junk food leaflets in a pile by the door and in just 12 months it had reached a metre high.
A pedantic friend had a 'No Junk Mail' sign on his door and, if a flyer landed inside the house, he would write on it that he didn't want it and post it back to the company in an unstamped envelope. Ooh that's harsh!

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