3 June 2012

Never mind Liz...

I made a good decision before I went to bed last night. I looked at the weather forecast and decided that a day in at home would be a really good idea. A bit of rain doesn't bother me in the slightest.
But rain + crowds = no no no!
And anyone out for the day certainly wasn't going to find time to visit the market either, so I have been busy sorting photos whilst half-watching the Queen's flotilla doobrey on TV.
What a grey and wet day it turned out to be. By 5.30pm poor Liz and her immediates were the only ones left on the top deck watching the boats go by; all the others having scarpered to the warm and dry of the lower decks.
The aerial shots of the boats, especially the man-powered (rowed) boats looked great but I must admit I'd expected the flotilla to be more jam-packed and was a bit disappointed by how sparse it all looked. One thousand boats isn't really a lot when spread out over such a long stretch. Perhaps I was expecting so many boats that you could run across them from one side to the other... now that would have been worth seeing! And it could be a new Olympic sport!
Whilst watching the narrow boats I was reminded of a similar trip I took in the opposite direction. We had better weather for it too.
Here's an account by someone who was there.
And here are some pictures taken along the Thames on nicer days:

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  1. Putney Bridge was a good location and hardly any rain. None of the bigger boats, but all the rowers, sea cadets, historic boats, barges etc. Enough people to make it jolly without being overcrowded.
    Never been to Putney before - some of the architecture looks Dutch.


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