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28 June 2012

Bomber Command memorial unveiled today

Over 55,000 bomber pilots died during WWII and finally a fitting memorial has been erected at Hyde Park Corner to remember their loss and achievement, and a service takes place at noon today attended by the Queen.

Up until about a week ago I had no idea about today's events whatsoever until a friend mentioned it in passing, saying he would be attending the ceremony with his father. Luckily he brought it to my attention and has since written about it on his blog.
There must be many others like me, who rarely open a newspaper, and are not related to veterans or people in the services, who were equally in the dark about all this until they saw or heard a news item about it this morning. 
Had I known earlier I think I would have rearranged my diary to be able to witness the event and see these proud survivors in person. After all, these men and women put their lives on the line for us. 
At least I will be able to watch the recorded highlights on BBC TV later today.
The Bomber Command site is packed full of lots more information.
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Update: Here's Malcolm's post event post.
During the ceremony a Lancaster bomber flew over Green Park and dropped thousands of red poppies. I noticed that the wind was blowing northwards and so those poppies did not fall over the park and memorial below, but drifted all the way to the streets of East Finchley, N2. 


  1. Thank you Jane. It was a hot and humid day but there were no empty seats.

    The veterans have waited a very long time for this memorial and many had travelled huge distances to be there, Australia, New Zealand and Canada being particularly well represented.

    I will be writing more very soon.

  2. That a memorial to those, who probably killed more innocent German civilians than anyone else ever, and that not by coincidence but on purpose is inaugurated nearly 70 years after the end of WW2 is telling about the real degree and value of friendship between Germany and Great Britain.


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