6 November 2010

Cruising under the Thames bridges

A few days ago I was lucky enough to travel on a widebeam cruiser along the Thames from Limehouse to Kingston.
It's as near as I have ever got to standing on a river. What a fantastic experience.
All in all we went under 19 road bridges, plus another eight foot, rail and lock bridges too. Actually, make that 10, if Hungerford and the two Golden Jubilee bridges count as three separate things.
I wondered if there was a mnemonic for remembering the names of the bridges in order. I cannot find anything specific but there has been a forum at Londonist on this very subject. My personal favourite is this one which covers the 12 road bridges shown below from Tower to Wandsworth.
Only a couple of the above images of the 12 bridges in order, east to west, were actually taken on the day. I have just looked up some info on the figures on each side of Vauxhall Bridge – the east-facing ones represent local government, education, astronomy/science and the fine arts, and those on the west-facing side allude to architecture, pottery, engineering and agriculture (which I thought, with its scythe, looked like the grim reaper!). More here.


  1. Cabbies have one (which I can't remember) for the Central London Bridges. I'm pretty sure it's not the one you mention.

  2. What a great day out on the river! Widebeam Cruiser? Sounds like Vanessa Feltz out on the pull.
    (Oh dear Malcolm, now you are just going to think I'm rude to everybody - I'm lovely really - ask Jane)

  3. Looks kind of familiar...nice pics girl...

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  5. John, this is not a place to put your irrelevant ads. I am removing your comment


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