23 April 2012

World Shakespeare Festival

An international festival starts today to celebrate the Bard.
It's his birthday you know. He's 448 today.
You might have read about him or heard about one of his plays. He wrote quite a few of them.
For those who have never heard of him (!!!) it's all in the link above or here.
Below are some of my Shakespeare-related images. The top row shows a pub, a theatre, a house and another pub. Perhaps you might know where they are?
The next two rows hint at Shakespeare plays – "prizes" to those who can identify the plays and/or the locations shown.


  1. Think I've got the Plays:-

    1 HORSE "my kingdom for a" Richard 3
    2 DAGGER "is this a" Macbeth
    3 The Merry Wives of WINDSOR
    4 SKULL Hamlet
    5 The MERCHANT of Venice
    6 2 GENTLEMEN of Verona
    7 Measure for Measure
    8 All's WELL that ends Well

  2. Well done Micky!!!!

    Now... Any idea where the pics were taken?


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