6 April 2012

Hot cross buns

One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns.
So why buy one when you can get two for the same price?!
I was singing this earlier and thought I'd put a collection of crosses together to relate to that Jesus fella and the buns.
I also had an idea to mention the story about the East London bun pub but, yet again, the Gentle Author has got there first, and done a way better job than I could have, so here's the link to it.
Various London crosses below. And here's a previous Easter collection.
Top: Holloway Rd, Kings Cross, Holloway Rd, Smithfield
Middle: Bloomsbury, Greenway, Temple, Battersea
Bottom: Carey St, Euston, W1, Holloway


  1. Any recommendations for HCBs that actually taste like HCBs? All they seem to be is tasteless bog standard buns, with a papery cross stuck on the top. Have so far tried Sainsburys Taste the Difference, and Asda cranberry and orange. Both rubbish. Please canvas your readers.
    Angry of Hertford
    (I blame this Tory government)

  2. Well Ms Hotncross from Hertford, I do concur. haven't bought any for years for that very reason. Like shop-bought mince pies they are always disappointing. The tea cake was always superior to the HCB anyway.


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