17 February 2010

Brick Lane gates

Yet another stupid plan has been hatched... this time erect some gates at either end of Brick Lane apparently designed to echo the shape of a Muslim headscarf.
Oh gawd, no!
The media seems to be worried about which cultures and religious groups are going to be offended or excluded, but I think the real issues are that these modern metal monstrosities are unnecessary, a waste of money (£2million!) and, more to the point, very ugly and unsympathetic to the surroundings!

Pics all from in and around Brick Lane
Top: graffiti; modern coal hole outside school in Brick Lane; Mighty Mo graffiti on the bridge; ghost sign for Bernards/Lewis.
Bottom: old Shoreditch station; Frying Pan pub sign (now an indian restaurant!); ripped posters; Huguenot boot scraper.


vintagerockchick said...

I love your photos and the way you put them together, they look brilliant.
I guess that why you're a gwaffik disinner and I'm not! x

Sebastien Ardouin said...

Hi Jane,
Leovely set of picures.
The monkey on the old railway bridge is by Mighty Mo (but I'm sure you knew that).
These arches you mention are absolutely amazing! Whoever came up with them deserves to be entered for the ugliest public furniture award. Sadly, there's so much competition s/he may not win. Let's hope they will never be erected!

Alberto 'Pelos' Comesana said...

Brilliant compilation!You've got some eye for spotting the highlights in Bricklane.