24 February 2010

Less traffic lights in London

Due to the successful removal of traffic lights and pedestrian/pelican crossings in Wilts, overseas and at some junctions in Ealing there are now plans to extend the 'project' to other areas in London and re-introduce roundabouts.
It's been proven that far from causing accidents pedestrians and drivers are forced to be more vigilant and think for themselves rather than waiting for a light to tell them what to do.
I think it's a great idea – we've all sat and drummed on the steering wheel waiting for traffic lights to change when we can see that the way ahead is clear, especially late at night, so getting people to be responsible for their own actions; to use their brains and stop blaming everyone and everything else can only be a good thing.
Red: Acanthus pillarbox, Highbury Park; Holloway Road door; Rotherhithe bridge, Red Lion, Camberwell; Victorian pllarbox.
Amber: Entrance to Alexandra Park; Kentish Town graffiti; Shoreditch garage door; Fulham parish boundary marker; Sweetings kickplate.
Green: Shepherd and Flock, Goldhawk Road; Lock & Co, St James's Street; Kennington gasometer; Store Street shop; greengrocers' Askew Road.


  1. I agreed!
    Cyclists ignore them anyway, and pedestrians can just take their chances when they can. It's not as is they pay road tax! x

  2. Hi Jane,

    Have you ever lived in India. Will be your dream traffic situation :-)


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