22 February 2010

Capture Kings Cross, a photo treasure hunt

On Saturday 20th February two friends and I took part in a shootexperience treasure hunt in and around the Kings Cross redevelopment zone. There were 70 teams in total.
The idea was to supply one picture for each of six clues to specified locations plus two others that were open to interpretation – 'The camera never lies' and 'Making tracks'.
Prior to taking to the streets we were talked through the process and shown a selection of winning photos from past events to give us some ideas. Then, at the end of the day all the submitted photos were shown as a slide show and winners were awarded prizes. There were some great shots in there but I was disappointed to see that all the portrait format images were shown cropped off at the top and bottom edges.
Shootexperience seem to favour images with props in them (hmmm), so there were a lot of photos of plastic toys positioned in front of the locations. Other images, even some of the winning shots, seemed to me to look more like snaps of creative ideas rather than good, well-composed photographs (especially having noticed some of the heavy kit a lot of people were carting about!). Perhaps this was because there was also a prize for the funniest picture. This kind of thing is so subjective.
Needless to say we didn't win any prizes but we did have a good day out. Below are the pics we took on the day; see them larger on Flickr. All the images taken on the day will be here sometime soon.

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  1. Yes, it was fun, and interesting reviewing the other pics now they're all posted on the website. You can also read my account of the day


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