9 February 2010

Matt Monro, Born Free, in Shoreditch

Yesterday morning Matt Monro's daughter Michele was on BBC Breakfast talking about the book she has written about her father.
Matt Monro had the most amazing singing voice; apparently Frank Sinatra said of him, “If I had to choose three of the finest male vocalists in the singing business, Matt would be one of them”.
But Sian Williams likened him to Michael Bublé. That'll be Bublé as in bubble; as in full of air.
Silly woman; has she got something wrong with her ears?

Matt was born in Shoreditch in 1930 as Terence Edward Parsons, so here's a Shoreditch montage.

The lion cub isn't in Shoreditch; it's in N4. It's a ref to Born Free.


  1. He was a bus conductor, you know. Bet Michael Buble-eh couldn't even issue a bus ticket. I had to write 'Buble-eh' as I don't know where to find that little accenty thing x

  2. Or how about Boob-lay?
    Though that sounds a bit rude
    Re Matt as a clippy, I was considering a bit of bus when I put the montage together but decided against it.

  3. The graffiti on the first picture on the upper row were by German duo Herakut (on the left) and Nick Walker (a piece called "Moona Lisa"). As for the flower on the extreme left, I think it was by Copyright but I am not sure...

  4. Thanks Seb.
    As you can see I was too lazy this time around to put captions in...!

  5. Nothing wrong with being lazy...

  6. I like bottom-left(corner) picture. nice art. Thanks for sharing, Jane.

    Photography With Life


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