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2 July 2009

Smoke gets in your eyes

I have today (July 2nd) posted another Urban Sightseeing piece for Londonist. The indoors smoking ban has been part of our lives for a whole two years now. How time flies. And most of Europe has followed suit. I have just come back from a holiday in Turkey and I hear it's due to come into force there too later this month.
Click here to read the Londonist piece and access all my previous ones too.
Update (19 July 2010): re the Finsbury Park 'Segars' sign in, top right: this has been filled in and painted over... such a shame.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back Jane, good to see a few ghost signs in the collection, some which could have featured in the Booze & Fags bit of the ghostsigns archive.


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