15 June 2009

Zodiac signs

Here's my alternative take on the 12 zodiac signs:
Aries: Upper Street, N1; Taurus: Butcher's sign, Jonathan Street, SE11; Gemini: Pair of identical boot scrapers, Whitehall, SW1; Cancer: Face of a Hammersmith & Fulham cigarette butt receptacle; Leo: The Drill Hall, Chenies Street, WC1; Virgo: Art Deco relief, John Street, WC1; Libra: Thames House, Millbank, SW1; Scorpio: Scorpion Shoes, Camden High Street, NW1; Sagittarius: Connolly's, Chiswick High Road, W4; Capricorn: The Goat, Knightsbridge, SW1; Aquarius: Fountain at The Long Water, W2; Pisces: 452 Holloway Road, N7.


  1. Jane,
    Just found your blog and I love it. What a great concept. And it must be so much fun selecting the pictures to group together.

  2. Thanks!
    As you may have noticed, I have changed the Aries pic here as I wasn't happy with the Lamb and Flag representing a ram... I was walking down Upper Street yesterday afternoon and noticed this one. Much better don't you think?

  3. It took me a while to get the Cancer one. That's how simple I am!


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