17 July 2009

Whoah! More body parts for you!

I keep thinking of more, and better, body parts in pub names. So here's another 15. Whereas all the pics in the last post on this subject were my own, I have to admit that only three of these ones are mine. The others I have pilfered from Flickr; 10 are Ewan-M’s, and there is one from Kake Pugh and another from Last Rounds. Thanks guys.
From the top left: nail, hip, shin, arse, brow, hair, back, lobe, dick, mouth, nob, bone, colon, chest, eye.


  1. Hi - I love your blog :~)
    Is it OK if I put the link on my blog?

  2. of course you can!
    And you look fantastic for your age... well done!


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