3 July 2009

I'm in Smoke!

The latest issue of the wonderful Smoke magazine came out this week, albeit two months late.
If you haven't yet picked up a copy, then you really should get with the programme, if only to read Matt Haynes's lunatic musings. Anyway, this issue has four, yes four things, contributed by moi. As well as a whole page of coal hole covers, the three photos shown here have also been found fit for inclusion; a monkey in Holloway, a Kensington lion rampant, and Normas Snorks who I am reliably informed is AKA a docker's mistress.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, I especially like the lion getting fruity with what looks like a bishop from behind.


David George Maslin

Laura said...

I've never heard of Smoke magazine before so thanks for the tip. I'll look out for it today.