26 September 2022

Sekforde Street doorways and fanlights

Walking down Sekforde Street again recently, I stopped to admire the lovely coloured glass fanlights above the doors at numbers 31 and 32. 

Ooh. Nice. 

This little street offers an amazing diversity of Georgian doorstep gorgeousness and the following eight examples are all from the northern half of the street...

I wonder if the people who drink at the Sekforde Arms have ever noticed these delightful doors, let alone the impressive façade of The Finsbury Bank For Savings.


  1. ...is it true that folk used images of their fanlights on their party invitations before there were door numbers?

    1. I'm not aware of that, but what a nice idea.

  2. Off the topic of fanlights, but I believe the Finsbury Bank for Savings was where Dickens did his banking. I walked past it the other day and the facade is indeed looking fine.


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