3 January 2017

Stop! Don't Forgotten the Hustler Soap – a ghostsign in Harrow & Wealdstone

Nice eh?
Apart from the re-pointing that is.
The ad looks to be Edwardian and shows the shopkeeper on the left calling the customer on the right to come back. This was beautifully painted as per some of the old Gillette ads and Army Club and other figurative signs.
Here ia a leaflet from iside one of the soap packets that I found here :
Soap packet leaflet
In the mid-1920s the company was including collectors' cards into the packets featuring animals, transport, soldiers, regiments, birds etc.
I can find almost nothing about this product or the manufacturer. It seems that the company was affiliated or bought out in the 20s as the name then changed to Knight (Hustler Soap) which I assume to be John Knight of the Primrose Soap Works in Newham, London, maker of Royal Primrose Soap and Knight's Castile soap.
If you have any more info, do let me know.


  1. I have an empty sample packet of Hustler Soap. Described as the newly invented universal cleanser and by Warrant of Appointment to HM The King. Manufacturer is indeed John Knight Ltd of Royal Primrose Soap Works London

    1. How marvellous. Any chance you could take pics and send them to me at jane@janeslondon.com and I’ll add that to the main body of this item.


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