6 May 2015

Knightsbridge observations

Just east of Harvey Nicks and the Park Tower Knightsbridge Hotel, occupying a prime bit of real estate facing Hyde Park, is an ornate Victorian parade that stretches between William Street and Wilton Place.

Last week I noticed that the shop windows at street level are boarded up.
The 18 shops along there included a branch of Spaghetti House which had been there for 46 years.
The landlord, Cheval Property Management, has plans to redevelop the site although I can see nothing about it on their website.
I am not sure who or what occupies the upper levels and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the façade is retained, cleaned and reused. But I rather suspect that demolition of this impressively decorated terrace with its lovely mouldings and unusual windows, might be on the cards. I hope I am wrong.

1 comment:

  1. Sad, I always think of that row of shops as having a slightly sozzled grandeur, it would be a great mistake to decharacterise (is that a real word?) the street by destroying the buildings.

    Also, us older readers can't mention the Spaghetti House without thinking of the infamous 1975 siege.


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