12 October 2012

Update on the Holloway Pie & Eel Shop

As you know from an earlier post, I have been watching the reveal of this old sign for years.
A month or so ago the decorators arrived and started painting the woodwork black. But the lettering was left untouched.... what was happening?
Then, earlier this week, a friend told me that he'd noticed it had been completely blacked over (aargh!).

So I went to check for myself and I am glad to report that after speaking to the decorator in the picture above, the sign is safely hidden under boards. The shop itself is being tiled with off-white brick tiles and will be opening as a licensed pie shop. Brilliant!
I hope to be one of the first customers...


  1. It was hard to tell from the bus, glad they kept it safe.
    Looking forward to enjoying a licensed pie!

  2. Many years in the future after another few changes of ownership someone will strip it right back again and discover the treat that lies beneath. Surprising though that they didn't opt to keep the sign given the nature of the business opening there.

  3. Now called Piebury Corner... yet to open... see here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Piebury-Corner-Fan-Page/281966908483754


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