15 October 2012

The Princess and the Spacehopper

I was recently asked by an online shopping site about my worst ever Christmas present. 
Nothing immediately came to mind until I remembered one year when we set spending limits and so we gave a lot useful, silly or edible things from the pound stores. 
One of my presents from that source was a framed picture of Prince Charles's first wife. Aaaargh! Cries of 'hang it on the wall Jane; it will look lovely here... or here..." were met with "get that woman out of my house!".
I don't think I even kept the frame!
My best present? Has to be when my sister and I each got Spacehopper. I have fond memories of us bounding up and down the garden.    

1 comment:

  1. did di die cause dodi did di?

    can't remember now if that was the exact wording at the time, but you get the gist.


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