19 October 2012

The Revenger's Tragedy at Hoxton Hall

Last week I went to see The Revenger's Tragedy. The play is being billed as a Halloween Horror Event as it covers all things bloody, macabre, offensive and illegal, including incest, rape, murder, as well as the usual mistaken identities.
I really enjoyed the play, even though the Elizabethan language is really hard to follow.
The story has been somewhat condensed to make for a shorter play and I wonder if it's been hacked at(!) a little too harshly as, during the interval, chatting to other members of the audience, we were all a bit confused who was related to whom and who had done what to whom, and when.
The short and cleverly choreographed second act tied it all together, though I was still confused about the identities of some of the characters on stage, who I thought were dead or banished. The bloodlusty revengeful denouement was way too short for me... I'd wanted and expected more gore, and hoped to leave feeling joyfully disgusted. But it just brought a smile to my face.
The acting is really good and, despite my unfulfilled expectations on the blood and guts front, I urge you to go and see it and also experience the wonderful two tier gallery of this Grade II listed building, one of only four buildings of this type left in the Central London area.
Here's Hoxton Street... once a vibrant street with a bustling market and many pubs and theatres.

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