7 January 2012

One Eye Grey now on Kindle

The erudite, informative and entertaining Mr Chris Roberts has just informed me that his collection of strange London tales, collectively known as One Eye Grey and previously available in pamphlet form, is now available on Kindle.
I urge you Kindlers to get clicking and downloading.
Enough said, because I have written about these tales before.
The eyes have it:
Top: Battersea, Islington, Marble Arch, SE1
Middle: Acton, Haggerston, Battersea, Holloway
Bottom: Hoplloway, Harlesden, Islington, Spitalfields


  1. Hadn't heard of these. Looks good and I do have a kindle!

  2. Seems like I will have to kidnap the husband's kindle for this one.

  3. Thanks fantastic news, although with periodicals like One Eye Grey I prefer to actually handle the paper. Hopefully it will bring them a wider audience though - they certainly deserve it.

  4. these kindles are so well!! Like most of them, really. thanks, I'll take it


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