20 January 2012

Wood carving exhibition in Richmond

My very talented sister will be featured in an exhibition at The Riverside Gallery's Good Wood / Wood Works: Contemporary Wooden Art & Craft show at Richmond's Old Town Hall from 21st January to 7th April.
Go... and be inspired. It's free.

Below are some carved wooden pieces from the streets of London (clockwise from top left): Bishopsgate, Bayswater, Kennington, Bishopsgate, Clapham, Kings Cross.


  1. I would have loved to go. I am an avid wood carver. I work on drift wood.

  2. You've still got time to go there... It doesn't finish until April 7th. NOte that the click for the map on Richmond's site takes you to the wrong place! The gallery is off Hill Street, really close to Richmond Bridge

  3. Those are beautiful wood carvings. By the way, in the present wood carving industry, are they still using chisel to carve woods?

  4. when hand-carving... yes, they are still using chisels

  5. Some workers consider it to be the single most versatile woodworking power tool. Becoming more popular is the use of a CNC wood router,


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