23 October 2011

The London Column

If you haven't discovered The London Column yet, then get with the programme now... because it's a gem of a site.
The strapline at the top reads, "Reports from the life of a city, 1951-2011, by David Secombe", and it's just that.
It's only been up and running since May this year but it's already packed full of gems and snippets of London life and observations. I have particularly enjoyed reading the excerpts by written by V.S.Pritchett in 1962; especially the one about the Blitz.
One thing that intrigues me about this lovely site, and that's David's logo top right... from 70s–90s, there was a magazine about typography called U&Lc that had its logo in more or less the same style. I suspect the logo design for The London Column has been created as a fond pastiche... very clever!
Here are some nice bits of typography I have found in London:
Top: Kings Cross, Fulham, Marylebone, Clapham.
Middle: Covent Garden, Finsbury Park (now sadly covered up/removed), Islington, Soho (I think this isn't there any more either – I will check).
Bottom: Stoke Newington, Blackfriars, Bermondsey, Temple.

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  1. There is no place on earth like London. Ionce shifted to norway and my family completed hated that so we all got back to the place where we actually belong.


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