31 October 2011

Museum of Brands and Advertising

I recently paid another visit to Robert Opie's wonderful museum in Notting Hill.
A labyrinth of rooms are jam-packed with various ephemera showing how packaging, labelling, branding and advertising have changed over the past century. Toys, signs, foodstuffs, cosmetics, bottles... too many things to mention here.
I especially like one of the rooms towards the end that shows how some brands' packaging and logos have evolved; chronological rows perfectly illustrate the changes that have happened from a product's first outing to the present day; differing sizes and shapes of containers, altered logos and new colours and typefaces. No surprise to hear that I think today's packaging just isn't as charming as the designs from earlier decades.
Go see for yourself... and enjoy the nostalgia trip.
Old brands and advertising on London streets today:
Bovril: Brixton / Hovis: Angel / Pepsi & Coca-Cola: Fulham Broadway / Peterkin: Clapham
Gillette: Spitalfields / R.Whites & Martini: Hackney / Brymay: Fulham
Craven 'A": Camden / Haig: Denmark Hill / Nestlé: New Cross Gate / Ogden's Guinea Gold (tobacco): Homerton

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  1. The Museum of Brands and Advertising is a fabulous place and I heartily second Jane's recommendation!

    It's well worth the walk through Notting Hill to get there...don't let the fact that it's not around other "attractions" put you off!


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