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12 September 2011

The London Transport Museum

I finally managed to get to the London Transport Museum last month.
For years I have had it on my list of places to visit*. How on earth I have left it as long as this is beyond me.
Last year someone contacted me through this site and sent me a complimentary 'admits two' ticket. I now cannot recall who that was, so if it was you, please do get in touch.
I stuck the ticket on the pinboard and kept saying I would "go next week". I recently noticed the expiry date on the ticket read '31st August 2011' ... there's nothing like deadline to make me get my arse into gear!
So I called Mr Edwards and, knowing he likes shiny things and transport, asked him to be my plus one.
All I can say is we should have gone in earlier because we ran out of time. There is so much to see... old tube trains, buses, trams to compare with a prototype of the new Routemaster (not really sure what I think of that until I see it in action), plus lots of info everywhere including a looking-to-the-future section where there are some truly bizarre ideas. I loved all the posters and leaflets and timetables especially from the first half of last century and could have spent a day alone just looking at those.
And it's a really great museum for children. Many of them had cards that they could 'punch' in the special machines dotted around the museum. My inner child was envious that I didn't have one of my own, so when I found one on the floor my afternoon was complete.
Thanks to Malcolm for the photos.
*The Imperial War Museum is still on that list, as is Dulwich Picture Gallery and Chiswick House and they are just the first 3 that pop into my head... oh dear, what a terrible admission!


  1. I went back in 2009, a small collection of pics here. I was lucky that they had an exhibition of old underground posters running at the time, many of them design classics.

  2. It was all the leaflets, tickets and timetables in the pull-out drawers that I wish I'd had more time for... especially from a graphic design perspective.. I could get some good ideas! And the cabinets of old posters and advertising... fab stuff... must go back.

  3. I came to London last year at the end of September and visited the Transport Museum in November. That's probably because I had lots of time on my hand and was curious about everything. I really enjoyed it, and, just like you, liked all the leaflets and stuff in the drawers and how they advertised outer London after the Tube lines had been extended. I can go for free with my ticket until November, so I'll better do.
    I discovered your blog by chance and it makes me want to come again and read more. Greetings from East London.

  4. Thanks Anka, from here in North London


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