20 September 2011

Paralympics tickets... only 5 days left to apply

Tickets for the Paralympic Games are on sale until 26th August.
There are 21 sports and the athletes who compete in them are truly amazing. This, coming from someone who lounged about in her dressing gown drinking endless cups of tea whilst watching The Great North Race on TV last Sunday!
But check out some of these paralympic sports – believe me, I am not making these up – the fastest marathon on Earth, wheelchair rugby, visually impaired javelin throwing and dwarf powerlifting, the latter being dwarves lifting weights, not people lifting dwarves. And wheelchair fencing also sounds rather weird to a pedant like me!
See the Channel 4 site for more info.
Top: Abbey Mills, Chatsworth Rd, Chiswell St, Dalston
Bottom: Leytonstone, Old Street, Shoreditch, London Eye

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