22 September 2011

Tom's Tired of London

No, he's not. At least I don't think he is. Especially when he is pedalling about all over London finding things to mention on his site.
Every day Tom posts a suggestion of something to do, see or visit in this fair city. He might be a bit worn out, but he's certainly not jaded.
I can't keep up with him – one day last month Tom and Ian took Boris bikes to Paris and back in a day.
I hear Tom's site is in the process of being turned into a book. Well done Tom. And happy birthday!


  1. (Jane, your link just takes us to the header image, not the site. Feel free to erase this comment!)

  2. Actually Bully, if you are clicking the image, then that's all you will get: a larger version of it. The link is the text that's in red... was that not working?


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