1 November 2010

Fireworks, wire works, iron works etc

I love love love a fireworks display – did you see the one at the end of the Thames Festival earlier this year? – wow!
But gone are the glory days of Highbury Fields on Friday followed by Primrose Hill on Saturday, because fewer boroughs are putting on fireworks displays these days due to the costs. And a bit of H&S probably creeps in too. Those that are going ahead may have a nominal entrance fee – something like a £1 – which is fantastic value, especially when you consider that councils have been burning our money like this for years! I wonder what else it could have been better spent on...
Here's a list of organised displays in and around London this month.
ooh... aah... wooo... wow!

Top row: Vauxhall, Hornsey, Homerton, Walthamstow
Middle row: Walthamstow, Brixton, Paddington, Bermondsey
Bottom row: Southwark, Bermondsey, Finsbury, Kensington


  1. I like a firework too. I plan to go to the Lord Mayors Show and probably one other.

  2. I always love your mosaics - but I especially like this one. Although, having studied it for a while, I can't work out why. Must be the lettering - and the fact that one is Walthamstow - where I was born.
    PS Does Malcolm (above) live in a cold climate - he appears to have snow on his moustache and specs??

  3. Thanks Gill. I was gonna suggest to Malcolm that his pic was due an update as he does look a bit cold and stern in that one!!!

  4. Can't do it,I always look stern in a posed pic, not like the "real" me at all. Plus I look even older and greyer now!


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