20 November 2010

UKCG urging their worshippers to go into debt

I just read this in today's Times...
It seems the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, which occupies the old Astoria/Rainbow building in Finsbury Park, is encouraging its congregation not to pay their personal bills so that they will have more money to give to 'God'.
UCKG say that only when people sacrifice all their worldly possessions will their financial prayers be answered. They even offer financial 'help' with this.
It saddens and angers me that this sort of thing is still going on, and less than a mile from my front door.
Read the articles here, though you have to subscribe to the Times site (I will attempt to upgrade this in due course). And here's a 'review' of the church.
The only positive thing I can say about all this is that having a church in residence has meant that the interior of the lovely old cinema has been kept relatively intact. You can wander in and have a look around – just be sure not part with any cash when you are there.


  1. This is sickening. I have my doubts about "the church" in general but this lot, if not legally, are certainly morally corrupt. They are preying on the fears and uncertainties of their congregation. If these poor people consider this to be some form of spiritual investment, I'm afraid they are going to be seriously disappointed. In the mean time their money is going somewhere. I wonder where that may be?

  2. Hi I just stumbled on to your blog.

    I used to live round there and am sad but not so surprised. There are so many "shop store" churches in Seven Sisters (where I initially moved to after Finsbury Park and they deeply worry me as they mostly seem to ask for lots of money.

    Now having grown up in the Church I am used to giving alms, but I tended to know what for (the church buildings, a pilgrimage, whatever) but this seems less clear.

    Also it seems to contradict the work being done by most of the larger churches (including the CofE) who are encouraging people not to get into debt and offering real financial assistance.

    Worrying. But the building is beautiful and the fact that it has not been turned into a pub is probably something to be thankful for.

  3. Why don't these poor impressionable people question why God needs money in the first instance? What does he/she/it do with it? Where does he/she/it keep it?!
    And re money and religion the world over, it angers me that many churches are full of expensive items yet are begging for money for repair, or whatever.
    Anyway, enough ranting... watch this:


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