29 November 2010

The best that London has to offer

London Ambassadors, a scheme run by London Mayor's office, is aiming to recruit 8000 volunteers who can help show off the best that London has to offer during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012. Apply to be an Ambassador here. Or go to Facebook.
In conjunction with this drive they are also running a competition asking Londoners to recommend a place that they think no trip to the capital should be without. As per Jane's London this should be not just the usual visitor attractions; they are looking for hidden gems such as small museums, cafes, restaurants, shops, alleys, etc that are not on the usual tourist trails. The 60 winners will be chosen at random (which in my opinion is a bit daft) and will get a ‘Take Two London 2 for 1’ Voucher and Guide Book which contains £900 worth of potential savings to be cashed in at over 70 London attractions, restaurants, bars, museums, galleries and tours. Enter here.
The competition closes on 10th December 2010.


  1. You're right, if they're looking for the 60 best suggestions , why pick the winners at random? The answer is, of course, that searching through piles of suggestions costs time and money. Picking a name out of a hat costs nothing! Draw your own conclusions.

    A shame really, as otherwise the competition seems like a good idea.

  2. Draw your own conclusions... very clever!

  3. Hold on. 2 for 1 voucher book? Doesn't that already exist when you travel by public transport? You just pick the leaflet up at your local train station (all right, you can't use it with Oyster, but you can always argue the ticket machine swallowed your ticket). And what about all the 2 for 1 offers for restaurants and so on you can find in your local papers? Couldn't they come out with a slightly better prize at City Hall?
    Nice selection of unusual atttractions Jane.

  4. Good point. But what I do think was misleading is that their text reads as if one person gets £900-worth, when really that's the total of ALL the prizes... but if you do the maths, that means each of the 60 winners gets £150 of vouchers, which isn't bad at all.

    I've put my name down for the Ambassador thing... I meant to sign up to make costumes etc but missed the deadline... this might be better... and can always change my mind nearer the date... you have to be in it to 'win' it etc.

  5. I didn't check their website but if £900 is what the 60 winners have to share, that makes £15 per winner, which is so ridiculous I can't think it's right. Then again, since we'll be ruined by these %!&@* Olympic Games, they may have to start early with the stinginess. Panem et circences...

  6. whoops... can't believe i put an extra zero in there!!!

  7. I am not really bothered about the Games themselves... I think when they returned to Athens they should have remained there.
    There's a lot going on here in the name of the Gaes that i don't like. For instance, 'kicking' people out of their homes and improving the soil afterwards is appalling – no one cared when these poor people were living in a toxic environment in the past – it's disgusting, embarrassing, unethical... etc.
    And what will become of all this new build afterwards? I despair. 3 weeks of exertion and then what?
    And don't start me off about the mess that's being made on the underground with revamps and refits and Crossrail etc.... grrr.
    Oh, and the clean up of Soho... no sex please, we're British!
    And.... breathe...!

  8. Ok guys, the confusion is over (see amended text above re the prize).... thanks to Phil at London Ambassadors who got in touch with me to put us straight... I hope he gets their own website amended accordingly too, cos we can't be the only people getting in a muddle..!

  9. That sounds better, but you need to spend some money in order to "save" some. So basically you win, without really winning. I still think the City Hall could have found a better reward.

  10. I agree that choosing the winners at random is a bit strange, but it still sounds like a fun thing to participate in. Thanks for the info, Jane!


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